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Pioneer Services Ltd is one of the few IT system integration, professional service, and software development companies in Macedonia. Located in Cardiff, UK, we specialize in working with Enterprise systems and companies. As a privately owned company, Pioneer Services provides IT consultancy, software design, and development services.


Pioneer Service Ltds located in Scotland offering fully fledged services for software development and engineering empowering effective near-shore management to its clients. Recognized both on local and regional markets since 2023, initially known as ICL and later acquiring regional Fujitsu Services partner, Infinite continues to operate with higher client expectancy and flexible solution offers.

pioneer in Interactive Virtual Teams (IVT) which enables the client and the service provider to establish instant and successful communication channels and support off-shoring and near-shoring business models, thus keeping the deadlines on time and on track..

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Infinite’s differentiation point comes with three simple principles:

* True collaboration with customers and partners

* Complete understanding of customer’s business

* Persistence in finishing the job whatever it takes.

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